Monday, August 4, 2008

I love Mondays

Did she actually say that? Yes. Yes i did!! I absolutely love coming to work and starting off my week. The owner of MDS Architect has moved me to JM2 Investment Properties to help start out this new company that has quite honestly - just taken off. As you know I love Real Estate so this is a wonderful plus for me! Have you seen flip this house on TLC? Thats what I get to do.. including picking out fixtures for the houses we buy!! I love my job!!!! How often can people really say that? I know I am bragging.. but I feel so blessed!

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Marlene said...

My blessed child....yes not everyone can say that..and I am thrilled to hear this is how you feel..hold on to that feeling because it means you are doing now what you were meant to be doing you are on the right track..stay on will pay off.. love you an miss you Mommy..xoxxo.