Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ode to the Bubble Burster

Everyone has one. I am surrounded by them. You know this person – they are the kind that verbally high fives you then frequently changes there mind. You are an exceptional star and then you are not exceeding your potential. Right now millions of bubbles are being shot down in America. It could be happening to you at your local grocery store, sitting at your desk at work, and sometimes these bursters show up at your door. It’s really an unfortunate phenomenon. But the cure is simple my friends – just keep on creating new ones – one bubble at a time while chanting the word “FUCKER” in your head. I’ve mastered the antidote and now I am passing on the good word.

1 comment:

Danica said...

I think we have the same bubble burster. FUCKER!!! I like how to the point this is.