Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Egg Timer War

Tick... Tick... Tick... time is restless and fading. I see the mental picture of the egg timer my mother had in her kitchen when I was younger. I was six years old when I realized it was moving and would sometime soon ring. Done. Final.

Rush... Rush... Rush... racing the clock to fit it all in before moments become silence and all that is left is wishes.

Feel... Feel... Feel... trying to soak it all in before love runs out of time. My breath catches - his smile changes my mood. Spinning and running into a breeze so light.. so young.. so free.

Hurry... Hurry... Hurry... things change.. people change.. and he could be gone. Time changes without you. Keep up, dont trip, keep going.

Realize... Realize... Realize... the tiny fragments we have are priceless pearls in my collected box of moments.

Reaching... Reaching... Reaching... for everything out of reach, wishing for stolen kisses under the stars, rushing to feel everything before the eggtimer rings, hoping each corner I turn was the best choice for me.

Sigh... restless.. wanting time to suspend and stop so i can catch my breath...

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