Friday, July 31, 2009

Mind-Sick and The Bumps to Prove it!

I’ve been saying a little phrase – out loud and in my head “I’m allergic to my life!” These are very powerful words… in-fact so powerful that I have hives on my stomach and my arms! I thought I was being so funny and clever with my witty saying… and now it’s manifested its self to be true. The mind is a powerful thing which of course got me thinking… if I can create hives from stress what can I create with peaceful feelings? And isn’t this what the entire guru’s of the world have been saying? Did I really need hives to stop the negativity flowing through me? Perhaps I did! Most importantly, if I can believe everything will work out and I will be just fine… would I? Just a little lesson in perceptions and flip! I go over to the positive side!

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gypsywoman said...

hey lady - just wanted to say hello and let you know i'm a bit more back in focus here now - had major family visit which was wonderful but way too short and way too busy - i'm sure you know what i mean - anyway, hope you're well and hive-free and enjoying sunny days - please drop me a line at your leisure - look forward to hearing from you - till then - jenean