Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Priceless Present Moments

I stopped writing… perhaps because of the quiet I needed in my soul. Words left me the moment he became a ghost. The written word became frightening truth serum when I so desperately wanted a lie. But as life often does… it throws in a random spin that wasn’t quite expected. The air shifted into folds of velvet and the crisp orchard air clung to us. As I lay in the emerging sunrise with my head on his chest listening to his heart beat and our fingers intertwined I sigh. Contented fear grips me. My head spins me forward to the plans, the logic, the ‘what now’. Shhh… silly girl. Just be. Surrender to the emerging light and float for awhile.


gm said...

Hurray for the return to writing. I'm on my way back as well.

Marlene said...

call me...visit me soon..lets walk on the Freedom trail..How about the 29th????