Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Pretend Life

She doesn't make all the right choices and the unexpected seems to find her at the weakest moment. She'll tell you she's logical, but the silly girl always follows her heart. Most of the time she's dreaming with her head filled with stories and hope. Her hopefulness and genuine belief of human kindness is her flaw. It's painful how often it leaves her silly little scrunched up face staring off at the sunset alone. The world feels like it's dancing past her, she says. A soft whisper into the cool empty breeze. Those fluttery souls around her warn her of the edge she approaches, but silly little thing keeps walking unaware. Her flip flops are broken, her shirt is wrinkled and her jeans are to faded to enter the ballroom. You will find her palms pressed tightly to the glass watching with a smile and awe-glowing in tear filled eyes. They are all inside the warm cherry blossom room, soft orchestra sounds, clinking glasses, laughing babies, and couples embracing. An orphan to the dance, but she still stands to watch the show. The pretend man comes behind her "I'm sorry you can't go inside" he says sadly. She looks over her shoulder at the darkness. She knows the scent of him like her lungs shudder to exhale. She breathes in the familiar comfort of him in and closes her tired aging eyes. She lies to herself again "it's alright". A couple opens the balcony doorway and she leans forward hopeful and eager to finally gain entrance. His pretend hand intertwined her fingers and pulls her back gently and with regret. He says into her ear close enough it's as if he was emerging from her "No silly girl- you know this dance will never be for you".

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Marlene said...

Suddenly..out in the shadowy corner of her eye.. a figure moves towards her..A man walks steadily towards her..the closer he comes the less power the pretend man has on her..As he comes closer a warm safe feeling surrounds her..the music from the dance becomes clearer, and warm light surrounds her and she smiles.. she recognizes him...all her choices led her here! to this place and this time..and he was waiting..he was always waiting..he reached out a hand towards her..with a smile he said..may I have this well.. as all the others? she need to answer..because it was always meant to they walk thru the door to join the others ..she smiles..and understands that it was always in her her was waiting ...waiting for her to believe and let it in....Thoughts do become things..and she lived happily ever after!