Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I wanted to believe. As a child I believed in magical creatures: beautiful snow white unicorns hidden in lush green forests, fairies that slept in curled up leaves, and wizards that created spells to save the day. My imagination took me to places far away where I could escape and come back from my adventures renewed and cleansed – as if I gave my mind a much needed bath.

Unaware, I realized I have been trying my hand at make believe – yet all grown up. There are no unicorns or fairies in this grown-up game. Castles, Knights, and Dragons… oh my! Someone stop this girl and pull her back from the clouds, so she can learn just why she wears this unattractive frown!

Perhaps the fault is my own. We all have perceptions of how ‘we’ would handle things, what “we” would say, what “we” would do, how “we” would act. When others don’t follow the plot map we unknowingly designed and decorated in our minds who is really at fault? I find there is a very thin line between expectations and my own personal moral code. I’m not talking please and thank you as our parents should have taught us, but rather the act of being consistent instead of a poorly wired light switch that comes on and off. However, what I see could be just an interpretation of another person’s artwork. Isn’t that what we do when our feelings are hurt? We study the words or actions and come to our own opinion of what the artist really feels, says, does and why they do?

Today, I think John Lennon had it right: when in doubt, “Let it Be.” There is so much noise as thoughts fly around and around like a herd of disturbed bees in my befuddled brain. Sometimes the sweetest nectar is sitting back and letting it all… just be.

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