Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stars and Dark Cluttered Corners.

Sometimes in worn shoes I go dancing on the thread of existence. Other times I hide behind a willow tree peeking through long flowing limps until the coast is clear. Today, I am neither of those things...

Right now, I’m dreaming of a blue truck with a white camper driving down my street to knock on my door and invite me to stare up at the stars for awhile. A perfect recipe for an evening is only complete with silly grins, funny pauses, blue jeans, backward baseball cap, intoxicating presence, and the fear and excitement of what it truly means to learn what defines someone.

I think the best part in life is getting to know someone who lets you in – to see all the cracks in the foundations, the mismatched furnishing of their lives, and the dark cluttered corners they hide. Realizing we are all cluttered, worn, shattered, and afraid … sometimes. It’s the broken pieces, the awkward knick-knacks, and the sloping foundation which makes a vintage dwelling truly amazing – because of its personal story. Sometimes the rarity makes it feel like home.

My favorite moment is when I am invited inside- to see the complete person - what nobody else can see from the outside… and then realizing that even after I have been shown around, I still unconditionally want to stay and clear out a dusty worn room.
The best part of my day is when you invite me in to look around your world.

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