Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The What If Game

When I was little the game of ‘What if…’ was my favorite – ask my mother she will tell you how exciting it was to play this game with me- day in day out. ‘What if…’ is my own little personality flaw and now as an adult I still play this game frequently. This game is often my greatest nemesis and sometimes my best ally – depending on how I decide what frame of mind is controlling me.

Today, I keep repeating - What if everything works out just fine? What if nothing is really as hard as it seems? What if my life is going exactly as planned and something spectacular is just around the bend? What if I just keep smiling until things stop making me so sad – will I believe it then? What if love sometimes gets hidden in the folds of stress, but it’s really actually there? What if I let myself fall and everything doesn’t shatter? What if for one day – I am not afraid? What if I just feel thankful? What if I stop over analyzing every little thing? What if I walk up to him and say exactly what I feel? What if I just feel content in my own skin? What if I decide to become best friends with myself? What if I am the answer to all the problems?

And this folks is how you play the game… now you know how noisy it is in my mind.

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