Friday, July 11, 2008


Apparently, some people seem to think this blog is intended to document the day to day life of my dog! This now has me in a fit of giggles! Let’s face it – the day to day on goings of a dog’s life would make a very boring blog: played with squeaky toy, drank water, ate food, slept and repeated. HA! No people! This is not what you will read here, so choke back those yawns right now!

I feel the need to Clarify – This blog is about my life... perhaps tid bits of Roxy because she is a positive beautiful part of my life. I look at Roxy and I see the world differently. No matter how south life is going, or how negative I’m feeling – Roxy is the permanent symbol reminding me with her playful loving nature to not take life quite so seriously. My hope is that this blog has a ‘Roxy spin on life’… even when the ‘Marissa spin’ feels like pulling up the covers and sleeping for a few years. Because, dear readers.. Roxy would never do that… everyday is way to exciting! Jump off the bed, wag your butt, kiss your mommy, and outside to smell the perimeter of the yard and make your mark on the world (or on the roses, fence, or the garden rake).

In a nutshell, my dog inspires me… I can think of worse things then that!

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