Monday, July 14, 2008

Losing the Battle with Sense of Urgency

There is a time and a place for a leisurely walk and I’ll admit I sometimes like to drift down a hiking trial in a somewhat state of a oblivion. However, it seems like I find myself struggling when I go anywhere not to stick my head out the window and scream “Move it Buddy!!” or “TaTaToday Junior” (One of my favorite lines from the movie Billy Madison)

The other day this gentleman was walking in a shopping center parking lot just gliding around in a state of what seemed like a medical induced stupor. If someone gave him a pair of ice skates I swear he could win a gold metal at the Olympics with his unique ability to put on a show. He was completely without any direction and oblivious to the fact that five cars were waiting for him to move out of the middle of the road. This walking coma stunned me when he stopped and took time to just reflect on his life.

Sometimes a little sense of urgency is the decent thing to do. How about glancing around and seeing if you might be in the way and moving? Don’t take the "I have the Right of Way pedestrian" crap so far. Yes, jackass we have to wait for you, but you have the wrong person behind you and the irritation might overwhelm them and the could ever so gently step on the gas...

Of course I wouldn’t do that… but admittedly I thought about it for a split second.


Marlene said...

please don't step dont he gas!!!
You made me laugh!! I too get very impatient with the slow drivers and walkers... here we have TONS of them... as people get older they lose thier sense of urgency.. because.. what was once urgent.. becomes less so as time goes on...there is no hurry anymore to get to someone like before...I drive and swear alot here.. but I try and remember.. it may be me one day!!! Oh NO!!!!!! Mom

Danica said...

Yes people should get out the way. Do the not realize that there is a person drive a car that weighs at least 2500 lbs. I do agree with your mom that when you are older things arent as urgent but what about the young people!?!?!? JERKS!! You made me laugh.