Thursday, July 10, 2008

Roxy vs Lawn Mower Man

We don’t like the gardeners! In fact, we more then dislike them - so much so - that we jump over the baby gates, and run around in circles screaming like a banshee by the front door. Barking to let them know just what we think of them! Yes, every Wednesday this is my life. Little Roxy Anne girl jumps over the baby gate which allows her all of the kitchen, laundry room and the family room. A doggie apartment palace if you ask me, but to her (as she nips and barks as you put the baby gate up) she thinks the baby gate is quite humiliating and reminds me daily just how much. Back to the point... Why is every Wednesday so delightful? Because the gardener Roxy’s nemesis invades her backyard and sometimes... god forbid our front yard. They have been having this one sided duel for quite sometime.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was hot! 111 degrees of sweltering stifling hazy heat. I was grumpy, tired, and as I pulled into my driveway I hear the banshee shrieking. My front door is one of those windows with the glass middle which allows you to be able to see inside. I love these doors they are so beautiful, but for privacy sake not very practical. Practicality aside, being able to see inside my house on this particular day was what prompted me to write this silly little blog.

Looking inside my impractical front door - I see a very disgruntled yorkie bounding downstairs growling and barking in a complete outrageous fit… with a strand of toilette paper wrapped around her tiny head. Her ears were up in a fierce pose and she her stance was ready to attack in case the perpetrators were to enter her domain and the ridiculous toilet paper killed her otherwise ferocious demeanor. Attacking the toilette paper seems to be part of the process to conquring the lawn enemy. Apparently toilette paper is what one uses as... a sword?!? Humm...

When I opened the front door she took one look at her hot grumpy mommy and ran into the room where she was suppose to be and curled into a ball and layed over. She could tell no matter what the lawn mower man did today - in 111 degree heat dont mess with mom!!

My lil toliette paper princess... God I hate Wednesdays!


Marlene said...

How adorable your toilet paper princess!!! next time take a picture and post it..111 degrees.. disgusting.. we have cool moist fog here( mixed with smoke form the Big Sur fire) my blog is still active.. add me to yourlist so you can see when I update it!!! Lov ya Mom

Danica said...

I was reading this with mike in the confrence room. I was laughing so hard and I probably should have stopped reading but I couldnt. I love the toilet paper as a sword!!!