Monday, July 7, 2008

Who is Roxy?

What is the 'Grand Adventures of Roxy Anne Girl?!?!?' Let's start by telling you about Roxy and who she is. Roxy is my yorkshire terrier who is more then a 'dog' but rather - my side kick. She inspires me to give unconditional love, to see the simplicity in everyday life, and to make everyday really count. How can a dog do that?! If you have to ask then I suggest you spend sometime with one - not merly in ones presence, but really be with them and watch them. If we watch animals long enough we can learn very valuable life lessons.

The Grand Adventures of Roxy Anne Girl will be a collections of my happenings and my journey and hopefully make others smile, laugh, and cry along with me. To become part of my 'pack' just sit back relax and read our story.


Marlene said...

lookiing forward to hearing all about Roxy and her adventures....
Marlene from Cambria

Geoff said...

Dude. She's just a dog. Get over it.

PS: If I knew that MacBookPro I gave you would be used to help you chronicle the ongoing adventures of an overgrown rat with a hair issue, I'd have given you a Dell.

PPS: You know I'm just kidding, right? Well I am!
(At least, that is, about the MacBookPro).